Dee’s Bail Bonds knows it’s never good getting a phone call from jails. Not being able to work. Late payments. Missing appointments. Being away from the kids. The embarrassment of being locked up. We know it affects everyone involved.

If a loved one gets arrested, call us right away. Minutes from most jails in Virginia.

We try to make getting out of all jails easy. We offer payment plans. We’re fast. And we’re knowledgeable. All jails are different. Each has a different way of letting inmates post bail. You want a bondsman who knows the different ways. One who can answer all your questions. Some jails have magistrates on site. Some use a video system for the magistrate. Some jails only post bonds at certain times. Some jails update paperwork very slow. Chesterfield Jail and Richmond City Justice Center are examples of that. Others update paperwork fast. Sometimes it’s necessary to revoke a bond. Every jail has a different way to do that. Always hire a bondsman who knows the jails way of doing things.

Richmond Justice Center Jail and Riverside Regional Jail are two of the slowest jails for inmate release. Henrico West Jail magistrates will see the inmate before seeing the bondsman. Sometimes that can be fast. Other times slow. As you can see, each one is different. Dee’s Bail Bonds has posted bonds all over Virginia. Call us no matter where your friend or loved one is taken to.

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